2012. június 14., csütörtök

PSC Reinforcement

Yesterday recieved the PSC M4A1 76mm Shermans.
Lack of basing spray, have to stop, and wait till get some.
Here is some picture about Sherms:

2012. június 2., szombat

Observation post/ HQ

Few days ago I watched again the Band of Brothers 7th episode. That's where the Easy finally lost his Company Commander (Lt Dike), while he wasn't able to lead the assault.

And an idea had come. Let's make an HQ post. But available an Observation Post too.
Quickly searched the old Italeri Walls & Ruins set, and I started planning. Mixed some soil, water and PVA.
Unfortunetaly forget the cardboard and the water don't like each other, so all of that stuck on a plastic sheet.

 Next step mix more soil, to finish around the walls, then paint, and stick some grass.

2012. május 21., hétfő

Llaw of physics

Last night I made a bad move, as a result my models fall down. :( Fortunately not critical the situation.
Most of the was only 20mm figures, and one Revell 1/72 T72 Tank.

F@&# Newton! :)

2012. április 30., hétfő

Back From Czech Republic

Arrived back from Borderwar 4. It was a very good game, our company commander was satisfied with the Hungarian contingent. Second night my squad succesful infiltrate the Task Force 359 base, and they left there some surprise. Pictures soon.

Sultan! Sultan! Sultan!

2012. április 23., hétfő

This weekend: Borderwar 4

This weekend me and my teammates go to the Czech Republic for a big airsoft event.
From Hungary about 60 palyers will go, to fight in the Sultan's army (S.E.L.A.)

2012. április 19., csütörtök

Military parade

Today I decide to count my wargame US vehicles. This is the list:
6x M4A1 75mm Sherman (PSC)
4x M4A3 75mm Sherman (Italeri)
4x M4A3 76mm Sherman (Armourfast)
2x M4A3 105mm Sherman (Armourfast)
2x M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman (Italeri)
4x M36 Jackson (Armourfast)
2x M10 TD (Armourfast)
4x M7 Priest (Italeri)
1x M26 Pershing (Resign)
2x M24 Chaffee (Hasegawa)
1x M24 Chaffee (Revell)
2x M8 Greyhound (Italeri)
1x M8 Greyhound (Resign)
2x M20 (Italeri)
4x M3A1 Halftrack (Italeri)
2x M16 Halftrack (Revell)
2x GMC 2.5ton truck (Pegasus)
4x GMC 2.5ton truck (Resign)
3x Dodge WC51 3/4ton vehicle (Italeri)
1x M6 GMC (Italeri)
2x Jeep 1/4ton (Italeri)
1x Jeep 1/4ton (Academy)
1x M3 105mm Howitzer (ACE)
6x M1 75mm Howitzer (Waterloo 1815)

Soldiers: 200+ Airborne (Under painting)
100+ Infantry (Under Painting)

Under construction:
Matchbox M3 Stuart
Dragon M4A1 deep wading
Trumpeter M4A3E8 Sherman
Academy 2.5ton truck
Ace M3 105mm howitzer

I am a megalomaniac? Maybe... :)


I start to write my posts in english. Sorry if something wrong, I'm not a perfect :)

2012. április 16., hétfő

Egy darab klasszikusság

Hétvégén sikerült szert tenni egy manapság ritkaságba menő makettre. Kemény 5 euró volt :)